Do you want extra space on your upcoming flight?

Would you enjoy traveling without anyone by your side? Azores Airlines now gives you this opportunity! With MyExtraSeat you have the possibility to purchase the seat next to yours and even the row where you are seated if you wish.

This new service, available online through the website, provides a more comfortable Economy Class experience, as the nearest seat will be unoccupied during the entire flight.

How it works

1. When booking a ticket on any sales channel, you become eligible to access MyExtraSeat service.

2. MyExtraSeat is available for purchase within 48 hours of flight departure, by email invitation sent by Azores Airlines, or directly through the website

3. When accessing, follow the steps filling in the requested data.

4. If not done before, choose a seat onboard and then choose an adjacent seat or, at most, up to two seats.

5. You can pay using a credit card. You’ll receive a confirmation email that will serve as proof on board.

6. Please note that not all routes or booking types are eligible. For example, bookings with special cases and with more than two passengers are not eligible for this feature, and, therefore, you may not receive the invitation email to use MyExtraSeat.

7. MyExtraSeat is currently only available on flights operated by Azores Airlines.

For more information about MyExtraSeat click here.

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