Speaking of your trip to Paris… Discover Martinique island

In partnership with Air France, Azores Airlines has air connections to the paradisiacal Martinique island in the Caribbean. This is an excellent opportunity to spend some days in a unique destination that evokes maritime adventures shrouded in mystery.

There are hidden treasures, there are beautiful people to find. And, nowadays, it is not necessary to be a romantic pirate to sail to an island nearby. We can get to Martinique island readily by airplane, one of the jewels of the Caribbean Sea. Here you can walk along the black sand beaches of the North and experience the golden sand of the South. Everything under the vigilant eyes of Mount Pelée, decorated by the appealing waters that invite you to regenerating dives. There are also the multicolored urban landscapes, market stalls that conquer visitors with their rare perfumes and, finally, the soundtrack of this trip, based on the music sounds of the Antilles, populated by Creole magic.

Long gone is when, in 1635, the French freebooter Pierre Belain d’Esnambuc took over this land under the roders of Cardinal Richelieu. However, the French language remains. Martinique is a French overseas department since 1946, and the population is mainly composed of descendants of African slaves. They were brought there to work in local crops of sugar cane, coffee, cocoa, and rum.

For those who might want more than beach and dives, there is also the possibility of visiting the Martinique Regional Nature Park , a protected area of ​​about 388 hectares defined by its herbaceous savannah, rocky coastline, and dry forest. The fauna includes several local species, such as crowned rufous hummingbirds, blackbirds, and the fearsome crabs. Visitors can get to know the reservation using the treks, which can range from 1h30 to 3h30. The ruins of the ancient Dubuc Castle, a historical landmark from the 18th century, today classified as a historical monument, is part of the Bay of the Treasury view.

A visit to Les Salines beach is also recommended. It is an extension of golden sand with over a kilometer, which looks like one beautiful movie set. It is one of the most famous locations of Martinique, where the word “magical” isn’t enough to describe a dream place like this, embellished by coconut trees, fine sand, and turquoise waters.

Martinique also has exceptional local gastronomy. Don’t forget to taste boudin – a spicy black pudding with pig blood and pork fat and the famous sea conch, cod, or shrimp. All with a charismatic Caribbean taste.

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