Here comes the bride

Laureano Almeida, who carried out an impressive and dedicated career as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician from May 1957 to 1994 and became a true SATA hallmark, fondly remembers one of the most beautiful episodes he experienced on a flight originating at Lajes Field, on Terceira Island, to Santana Aerodrome, on São Miguel Island, where a fully dressed bride in a wedding dress and veil came on board.

“Because I had to register in the navigation log, I was still there, tied to the gray leather chair with a sharp back, in that small and tight space that I respectfully considered a sanctuary for bringing me closer to heaven and God. Looking out the window, I noticed that happy bride walking towards the terminal, as steady and as sure as a white dove trying its wings. Beautiful is my land where for love brides go from island to island to get married”.

Laureano Almeida

Endearing stories like this make SATA Azores Airlines a unique airline in the world.

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