Flores Island – Stunning landscapes, adventures and pirate stories

If you think that you will only spend your time strolling through stunning landscapes and bathing in natural pools on Flores Island, you couldn’t be more wrong. You will surely do so much more than that.

Start by visiting the Museum of Flores, at the Convent of São Boaventura and be carried away by the peculiar atmosphere of the island full of stories in the sea where adventures, shipwrecks, pirates, treasures, poetry, battles, whaling, and emigration meet. Feel part of a people of both audacity and hospitality.

Then, look for signs of these stories in the magical corners of the island and discover landscapes decorated with flowers, more than 200 waterfalls, and seven lagoons settled in volcanic craters.

Explore forests of lush vegetation listening to the music of a dozen birds. On one of your tours, you will probably come across with a great mirror in the shape of a lake, reflecting the perfect image of several waterfalls that run from the green slope of a mountain. Here, time is still, and you will feel in perfect communion with Nature.

If you are an adventurer, you must visit one of the best places to dive in Flores Island, an underwater volcanic cave called Gruta do Galo. Here, it is possible to begin and end the dive under a natural freshwater waterfall that goes directly into the sea, near the entrance to the cave.

Save time to visit Flores Island’s Natural Park, a natural and sustainable amusement park with several trails, streams, and waterfalls, where you can go on a canyoning adventure among nature.

If you have a chance, visit Aldeia da Cuada, a tourism village projected to offer a unique experience. Seventeen basalt stone houses, with its original architecture preserved, make up a village faithful to the original. It is possible to stay in old haystacks and typical houses separated by stone walls and meadows, and feel as if you have traveled through time. The hustle and bustle of everyday life will be easily replaced by the tranquility of contemplating nature.

If you visit Flores island, we are sure that we will meet many times. This island fascinates every visitor, making the return not only desired but a practically unavoidable reality.

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Photos by Margarida Lopes