A 5-day itinerary to São Miguel

Are you going to visit São Miguel island soon and still do not know where to start?

In addition to transporting you to this paradise island, we are happy to give you some tips that will help you to get to know São Miguel. We prepared a 5-day itinerary that will allow you to know some of the most beautiful places on the Island and, perhaps, leave an irresistible desire to return more often.

1st day – City of Ponta Delgada

Start your vacation enjoying peacefully the city of Ponta Delgada. Pass through the main tourist attractions: the Portas da Cidade (City Gates), the Carlos Machado Museum, the Fort of São Brás, the São Sebastião Church and the Senhor Santo Cristo Church, then lunch in the marina area – Portas do Mar – where you will find many bars, cafes, restaurants and even a free natural pool. Take the opportunity to do “Whale Watching” and observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. You will find in the Marina several companies that offer this service.

2nd day – Sete Cidades Lagoon and Ponta da Ferraria

On this day prepare a picnic basket with some typical Azorean delicacies such as Portuguese sweet muffin, São Jorge’s cheese, jams and yogurts of local manufacture.

Depart from Ponta Delgada to Sete Cidades and take the opportunity to visit Lagoa do Carvão, Lagoa do Canário and Lagoa das Empadadas, each with a distinct beauty.

Stop at the Vista do Rei (King’s View) viewpoint and enjoy the breathtaking Sete Cidades Lagoon from a unique perspective. Then descend to the town of Sete Cidades where you can have a picnic on the edge of the Lagoon surrounded by a lush landscape.

After lunch go to Ponta da Ferraria where you will find a charming setting and the exceptional possibility of taking a warm sea bath.

3rd day – Fogo Lagoon and Caldeira Velha

The Fogo Lagoon is considered by many the most beautiful of São Miguel. If you have the opportunity, go down the Lagoon and enjoy an unparalleled peace surrounded by a natural landscape untouched by man.

In the afternoon stop at Caldeira Velha, a beautiful natural park with several natural pools of hot water and full of exotic vegetation, situated on the edge of a forest.

4th day – Furnas

The Furnas valley has such extraordinary beauty that it seems to have come out of a fairy tale!

Start by visiting the fumaroles and strolling around the Lagoon, at the edge of which you will find the magnificent Nossa Senhora das Vitórias Chapel, a neo-Gothic style building that is considered one of the archipelago’s most unique temples.

Also visit Terra Nostra Park which has a wonderful garden with one of the largest collections of camellias and two hot pools.

After a relaxing stroll, enjoy the famous Furnas meat stew in one of the area’s restaurants. This typical dish of São Miguel is cooked in a pot buried in the ground next to the Furnas boilers for 5 hours, which gives it a unique flavor.

In the afternoon, pass by the Dona Beija Pool, another ex-libris of the island, consisting of several natural pools of thermal hot water, flanked by a stream of warm water and a charming landscape.

5th day – Nordeste

 On the last day we recommend you to visit Nordeste, one of the most beautiful areas of the island, with breathtaking viewpoints. The viewpoint of Ponta do Sossego, with a wonderful view over the sea, is a must visit.

On the way to Nordeste pass through the plantations and Tea Factory of Gorreana. Enjoy sampling various flavors of tea at the factory and buy your favorite to take home and offer to your friends.

Set the itinerary, we inform you that the best way to explore São Miguel Island is by car.

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We wish you a great holiday in São Miguel!