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2018 in review

Subscription to the Azores Sustainability Charter Under the Sustainability Charter of the Azores, which aims to recognize the Region as a sustainable destination, the SATA Group undertook, in early 2018, to apply the Electronic Flight Bag System in Azores Airlines, to implement two segment boarding passes and to complete the replacement of the Airbus A310…

The Azores among Forbes “Coolest Places to Visit in 2019”

According to Forbes magazine, the Azores are a must visit in 2019. “Resembling the otherworldly landscapes of Avatar, the Azores islands, an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, are topping the lists of adventure travelers for 2019,” says Melissa Biggs Bradley, the founder of the members-only travel company Indagare. “(…) the islands have volcanic crater…

We’ve been in Toronto and visited Her Father’s Cider Bar

Famous for its many different types of local craft ciders, this bar/restaurant is undoubtedly a place to choose by anybody interested in the gastronomic culture of wherever they visit. Right in the heart of the metropolis, in the historical “Harbord Village”, Her Father’s Cider Bar, open all week, provides its clients with unforgettable tasting experiences….

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To all aviation lovers

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About the SATA Group

With more than seventy-five years of experience, SATA Group has a modern and functional structure, adjusted to the challenges of an extremely demanding and competitive sector. Its fleet is divided between its two airlines: SATA Air Açores flies 37-seat Bombardier Q200 and 80-seat Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft, while Azores Airlines flies 165-seat A320-200, 186-seat A321neo…