Toronto, the city that never stops

A global megacity, Toronto is the beating commercial heart of Ontario. This metropolis has its own life and drives the economy and finance from its central business district while youth, culture and art thrive all around. The city is growing with new buildings going up and trade visibly prospering.

The modernity of Toronto reflects not only in its museums – such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum or the Allan Lambert Hall, but also in the wise appreciation of its historical 19th century architecture including the concert venue Massey Hall, (1893/1894), Union Station, an important example of the “Beaux-Arts” style, and Gooderham (1892) and Osgood Hall, integral parts of the University of Toronto (1853).

Dotted with green spaces, with the intimacy of its hidden streets thrown into leafy shade by the trees and small gardens, Toronto is a metropolis with a unique living style bringing together the young persons from across the world who choose its universities to study at. What the locals refer to as Dundas Square, a hub of youthful activities alongside Ryerson University, and the emblematic Eaton Centre are both landmark references for whenever the city’s inhabitants are seeking entertainment, retail, relaxation or just some good food.

The ethnic diversity cohabiting in Toronto endows the city with a very particular spice, reflected in the range and refinement of the gastronomic experiences on offer. Spanning every taste and pocket, the city serves up Asian, Mediterranean and European dishes alongside specialities from various countries of South America.

“Home” itself to over two million inhabitants, Toronto integrates into a broader metropolitan area of around six million people and that today constitutes a global metropolis recognised as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan worldwide.

Original text and photos by Humberta Araújo/ English version by Kevin Rose

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