10 tips for traveling to the Azores

Traveling to the Azores is always an excellent idea. It’s practically impossible to visit the Azores and not be completely amazed by everything you see. It’s not by chance that the Azores have already been considered by several reference publications as the most beautiful islands in the world.

So, it doesn’t take much more than the trip itself to make your time in the Azores totally amazing. However, here are a few useful tips to help you enjoy even more your stay.

1 – Rent a car.

Every island has many points of interest worth visiting. To move through the largest islands and visit each one’s many points of interest it’s advisable to rent a car.

2 – Bring clothes for the 4 seasons.

Being able to feel the 4 seasons on the same day is a well-known characteristic of the Azores. It’s possible to rain and shine in the space of a few hours. So, at whatever time of year, it is advisable to bring a light jacket, a raincoat, and light clothes.

3 – Bring a dark colored swimsuit and towel.

If you wish to bathe in the hot thermal pools (you will find many on the island of São Miguel) it’s worth taking a darker swimsuit and towel because the water can stain light colored fabrics.

4 – Bring appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing to hike.

Every island of the Azores has wonderful walking trails. Hiking is a unique and very intense way to get to know the islands and to be truly in touch with Nature.

5 – Visit several islands.

Visit more than one island if you can. They all have singular characteristics and offer totally different experiences. There are islands with more exuberant nature, others with a valuable historical heritage, others with incredible beaches, others capable of making us believe we’ve reached paradise. You can travel between the islands by plane with SATA Air Açores or by boat with Atlanticoline.

6 – Book your accommodation in advance.

Depending on the time of year and due to the increasing number of tourists arriving every day in the Azores, it can be very difficult to find accommodation at the last minute. It is recommended to book your accommodation in advance, whether hotel, hostel or rental.

7 – If you wish to go on a boat trip, take nausea medication with you

Not everyone suffers from seasickness but if you are planning to travel between the islands by boat or to go whale watching bring nausea medication, just in case. We don’t advise giving nausea medication to small children before talking to a pediatrician.

8 – Take snacks for the day

If you are planning to be out all day, hiking and exploring the natural beauties of the Azores, it is advisable to bring small bottles of water, juices and light snacks to grab during the day or while going to one place to another.

9 – Taste the Azorean delicacies.

The Azorean cuisine is varied and delicious. You can’t visit the Azores without tasting some of the typical dishes and sweets from the several islands.

We leave you some suggestions:

– Cheese from São Jorge Island

– Cozido das Furnas (Furnas meat stew)

– Pastry: Fofas da Povoação, Queijadas D. Amélia, Queijadas da Graciosa, Queijadas da Vila, Malassadas

– Pimenta da Terra (red pepper paste) with Queijo Fresco (fresh cheese)

– Grilled Limpets

– Clams from São Jorge Island

– Barnacles

– Bolo Lêvedo (Azorean muffin)

– Pineapple

– Alcatra from Terceira Island

– Melons from Santa Maria Island

– Massa Sovada (typical Azorean sweet bread)

– Yams

– Santa Catarina canned tuna

10- Check how the weather is on the places you wish to visit.

By using the SpotAzores app, which has cameras placed on several spots of the islands, you can check if the weather is good or not in advance and plan your tours accordingly.

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